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  • Gift Cards

    Give your business a boost by offering gift cards. It's a great marketing tool to attract new customers and keep current customers coming back.  Plus, they are safer and easier to manage than paper gift certificates.

    Increased Income

    • Gift cards are usually the #1 gift during the holiday season
    • Gift cards received during the holiday season are redeemed during January
    • Gift cards are often the most profitable square foot of selling space in the store
    • Merchants report sales increase of 25% to 50% over paper gift certificates
    • Customers spend more with gift cards – 56% spend more than the value of the card

    Marketing Impact

    • Cards improve brand awareness and function as small “billboards” in customers’ wallets
    • Cards consistently boost the effectiveness of marketing campaigns to attract new customers
    • A variety of loyalty and reward programs give customers a reason to keep coming back

    Management Tools

    • Cards may be used to issue store credit for all merchandise returns – keeps cash in store
    • Detailed reporting reduces fraud and eliminates burdensome manual accounting tasks