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  • Making customer service more personable

    Consumers will only continue doing business with a company if their questions are answered quickly and they are treated in a respectful manner.

    A personable customer service department can help a company grow.If a customer service department cannot provide those services, consumers might take their business elsewhere. According to a report from RightNow Technologies, 89 percent of consumers will stop doing business with a company if they are subjected to less-than-helpful customer service.

    A well-oiled customer service department can help take a company to the next level and can drum up more business when satisfied customers refer their friends. But simply answering questions may not be enough. Businesses need to make the customer service department personable, as it will help consumers feel comfortable and want to come back. Here are a few ways business owners can improve their customer service departments:

    Create a personality
    Branding is an integral key to help a business grow, and it also gives an organization character. If customers are not aware of what type of company they are dealing with or even where it is located, they may not do business with it. Businesses can make their company's personality stand out by providing thorough contact information, including phone numbers, emails and addresses of headquarters and other locations. By knowing that there are real people at the company as opposed to just computers, consumers will feel comfortable contacting the customer service department. Additionally, company leaders should consider making staff profiles and providing customer testimonials on their site to make a company seem more personable, accessible and responsible.

    Make the conversation unique
    An automated email system is one of the most common customer service tools, but it is also one of the least personable. Everyone has experienced that slight twinge of annoyance when sent an automated email saying their inquiry will be promptly answered. Consumers appreciate human interaction and this can't be done with a simple message.

    Customers will feel appreciated if they know their problems are being addressed by an actual person. This can be done by providing a telephone service line with employees standing by or Skype conversations where customers can present their problems face to face. This can create relationships with customers and maintain strong relationships.

    Use social media as a communication platform
    Companies are always looking to get a feel from the customers on what they think about their services they provide, and one way they can do this is by starting discussions on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. These resources can be used as platforms where companies can ask customers to list their complaints and concerns, helping them get in touch with company professionals in real time.